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Mighty Ape Success Story With Fantasy Supply Limited

About The Client

Mighty Ape Ltd. Is A New Zealand Based Online Retailing Company Established In 1999. Previously Known As Gameplanet Store, It Is One Of The Longest-Running Online Retail Stores In New Zealand. It Has Various Games, Books, Toys, And Furniture. They Have Been In The Retail Industry For A Long Time And Have Faced Issues With Product Hunting And Sourcing.

Overview Of Problem

Mighty Ape Had Been Sourcing Everything From Local Suppliers Themselves. Despite Their Swift Growth Since 2017, They Could Not Expand Their Product Line Because Of The Absence Of A Supply Chain In China.

The Demand For Many Products Is Not As High As In The Chinese Market, Which Produces Problems When Outsourcing From Chinese Manufacturers. Thus, The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) Restricted Them From Sourcing Numerous Products. Moreover, The Lack Of Comprehensible Content On The Website Could Not Convert Many Visitors. Some Of The Major, Presented Problems Include:

  • High MOQ
  • High shipping costs from China to New Zealand
  • Increased list-building workload & images
  • Difficulty in managing multiple suppliers
  • Limited product line and categories

Understanding Of The Problem

Experts At Fantasy Supply Limited Analyzed The Presented Problem And Realized That The Main Issue Is The Lack Of An Agency To Help Them Procure More Products For Mighty Ape. As The Company Needed Specialized People To Hunt For Products With In-Depth Knowledge Of Products, They Could Not Expand Their Product Line. It Also Highlighted The Need For A Supply Chain In The Procuring Country To Ensure Proper Storage And Inventory.

Our Approach


$0.1 Shipping Costs Per Product For Mighty Ape

We Helped Them Reduce The Shipping Cost By Combining Everything In One 40ft Container. This Enabled Them To Get A Better Rate For Warehousing And Keeping Their Products Safe.


Specialized Team For Product Descriptions

One Of The Problems Identified Was The Descriptions And Product Images For Their E-Commerce Store. The Inability Of Many International Buyers To Understand Languages Other Than English Made It Challenging To Reach More People. We Recruited A Listing Team In The Philippines To Create Comprehensible, Quality English Descriptions For Products From Chinese Manufacturers.


High-Quality, Persuasive Images

Our Team Understands The Importance Of High-Quality Images To Convert Visitors Into Buyers And Generate Leads. We Took The Responsibility Of Collecting The Photos To Save Time For Mighty Ape. Our Team Collected And Provided The Images To Mighty Ape To Increase Buyers' Interest And Provide Clear Pictures.


Supply Chain Establishment

We Suggested Mighty Ape Set Up A Supply Chain Setup In China To Streamline The Process. Mighty Ape Employed A Local Team To Smoothen The Supply Chain In The Region.


2500+ products in ONLY two years

Might Ape Reached 2500+ Products In Only Two Years With Our Team’s Expertise. We Created A Team To Hunt And Source Products Specifically For Mighty Ape. Our Team Found Out Trending Products And Weekly Product Offerings For Mighty Ape With NO MOQ!

Massive 1953.62% Growth

Our Strategies To Bring More People To The Store And Reducing Costs Helped Them Upscale And Experienced A Massive Growth Of 1953.62% In 2021 Compared To 2020.

1800+ Live Stock SKU

Mighty Ape Has Over 1800 Live Stock SKUs On The Website To Provide A Vast Variety Of Products To The Consumers. It Improved Customer Influx, Eventually Leading To A Loyal Customer Base For Mighty Ape.