Traditions for marriage in Germany

There are a lot of special customs in Germany when it comes to marriages. Some are a little strange, while others are very entertaining. Prior to the wedding, the Germans hold a special polterabend group. Stoneware and porcelain ( never glass ) are violently destroyed by the couple’s friends to fend off evil spirits on this night. The fiancee is then in charge of removing all the bits.

Another peculiar German custom is that the wife takes a nap at the end of the welcome. The wedding is forced to run from pub to bar as the wedding tries to find her during the party because the groom’s friends” abduct” her. Much more raucous and entertaining than how the bride is” flung” her flowers after the wedding! In order to “rescue” his bride, the bridegroom is typically required to pay the kidnappers club tab.

On the huge day, she takes a unique bouquet with her that includes cyan sunflowers and heather trees for good luck. On the way to the ceremony, the visitors are given strips of white string to tie them to their automobile antennas.

The Germans keep things simple, in contrast to many other places, where the bride and groom have large wedding or bridal events. One guy, known as a trauzeuge for guys and a trauzeugin for girls, will be in charge of organizing the bridal party’s pre-wedding situations as well as providing assistance on the day of the ceremony.

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