Legal Matter Rap

Yo, listen up, I got some legal matter rap
Let me break it down, no need to clap
From law rules pdf to sub contract work order
We’ll cover it all, no need to ponder

Celebrities and Contracts

From celebrity legal cases to addendum to a contract
These legal insights, you gotta respect
When does performance of a contract occur?
It’s a question we’ll answer, no need to blur

International Rules and Regulations

Can you have a pet owl in Mexico or not?
Es legal tener una lechuza en Mexico? That’s the plot
From class 1 div 2 junction box requirements to legal name change documents in California
We got it all covered, no need to stray

Financial and Rental Matters

Need advice on finance legal matters, we got your back
Examples of month to month rental agreements for you to track
Whether it’s contracts, finance, or rentals to explore
We’ve got the legal insights, that’s for sure